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There  are 2 different themes to our work, Pet Photography and Landscapes. Within the limits of a website we can only showcase a few images, so if you require something that is not shown or would like to arrange a Pet session, please contact us via email at rmdphotos@ymail.com or by calling on 07852262602


Costs range from £45-£65 for a 2 hour session and include a 12″ x 10″ or 12″ x 8″ print and a selection of electronic images. Sessions should include no more than 3 animals and may be weather dependent.


These images cover views across much of the UK as well as other counties such as Iceland, Alpine countries (Italy, Austria and Switzerland) and lowland countries such as Belgium.

Included in this category of images are famous landmarks, architectural gems and classic scenery. Many images are taken at night which can provide a surprisingly interesting twist.


Within this area are a selection of non pet animals.


We hope you enjoy browsing the site.